Languages I speak

My mother tongue, and the only language I identify with, is Catalan. It is the language I think, feel and curse in. It is also the only access to certain aspects of my personality. Having said that, I can speak English, Castilian, Italian, French and German at different levels of competence.

My preferred language in international contexts is English. I will most likely understand you too if you address me in any of the previously listed languages (or even in other Romance languages). But bear in mind the following circumstances:

  • I have a strong Catalan accent in all languages.
  • I learnt written French from scientific articles and oral French by ear during my leisure time in Montreal. I make myself understood quite well in French even though I have not learnt it formally.
  • In 2017, when I lived in Regensburg, I used to have a B2 level in German, which was the main language of communication with my peers at university. Since then, I have had to learn other languages and am out of practice. At present I would have considerable difficulty in holding a conversation in German. That is, my current knowledge of German is mostly passive.